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Christoph Paccard offers bells, chimes, carillons, tower clocks, turn-key bell and clock towers, renovations, repairs, service and maintenance agreements.

About Christoph PaccardChristoph Paccard Bell Foundry represents the Paccard Fonderie des Cloches, makers of the world's finest cast bronze bells since 1796. Known worldwide for their warmth and sweetness of tone, Paccard bells are the benchmark by which others are judged. In addition to making the world's finest bells, Paccard is known for developing the acoustically balanced carillon.

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Helping you find the right solution is important to us; it requires a balance between desired instrument functionality, structural considerations, and budgetary restrictions. That's why we provide custom design and installation services, and work closely with you to implement a flexible solution that targets your current needs, while providing for future enhancements. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you; and that process begins by understanding your unique needs, and exceeding your service expectations from day one.

In the picture to the right: Phillipe Paccard, Director of the Fonderie Pacccard, with the Minnesota Liberty Bell replica cast in 1950 by his grandfather.

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